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Snowy White
mit Roger Waters auf Tournee:

«In The Flesh»

Acer Arena

MICHAEL: We arrived at Acer Arena, had a couple of drinks, picked up our free t-shirts. Free!! Well maybe, but after 350 bucks for a ticket, we were expecting Roger to personally greet us! Shirts were 50 bucks and there were some great designs. We also got a program, 40 bucks, and then wandered and took in the sights around for a while.

Part One - Old Floyd greats
and some solo work


Part one of the show opened with «In the Flesh», now a trademark opening for Roger. IMHO the best track for a show opening anywhere, anytime. It was Electric. We were seated under a very large speaker stack and my ears were still ringing 24 hours later. The sound was room filling, yes a very large room! «Mother» was fantastic, it always works better with a female voice singing the mother part. «Set the Controls» was well, fantastic as well! The instrumental section was as psychedelic as I have heard.

«Shine on»

«Shine on» was too short, leaving parts 2 and 3 out, but still a great track. «Have a Cigar» was a stand out track. The rendition was very grungey with very metallic lead guitar and it was great to here Roger finally do this track live in Australia. «Wish You Were Here» was again well done. Roger really seemed to be enjoying himself, making reference to this being his first gig on this part of the tour.

«Have a Cigar»

«Southampton Dock» and «Fletcher» were great. I really like «The Final Cut», many Floyd fans don’t. «Fletcher» is a wonderful track and Roger sang it with passion and its messages are as timely and poignant now as they were in 1983 when it was released.

«Wish You Were Here»

«Perfect Sense» 1 and 2, the only real tracks from Roger’s solo career in the show were great. The sound was really ramped up and this song moved into a frenzy like anthem with fantastic stage effects, fire bombs and rumbling sub woofers. Check out my video of the explosion...and my photos of the astronaut inflatable.

«Leaving Beruit»

«Leaving Beirut», a solo song never released on an album, but available on CD was far better than the CD recording.


Roger has done a lot of work on this track and it is a real delight now. Andy does a great job on the guitar as well.


«Sheep», by far the stand out track, 12 minutes of sheer delight. An assault on the senses. The fabled pig makes an appearance during the prayer/instrumental section. What a track to end the set, from the opening to the close this set was just fantastic and a delight to witness.

The Show - Part Two
«Dark Side of the Moon»


To see «Dark Side» recreated almost identically to the original studio recording was something else. From the start of the heart beat to the end this was 45 minutes of exceptional musicianship.


«Time» was superb, Graeme does a great job on the drums and it is still my favourite track from the album..

«Great Gig»

Carol did a superb job of «Great Gig» and each and every track blended just like the album.



«Money» was fantastic, and great to hear as it was recorded, with no extended jam in the middle! On The Run was just astounding, with a couple of bizarre staticy (deliberate) section. The explosion and rumble at the end, was earth shattering. The depth of the low notes rumbled the chairs we were in and the ground. We could feel it in our chests like an earthquake, it was both ear and bone shattering.


Sadly time just flew during this set. «Dark Side of rhe Moon» is not a long album, but 45 minutes seemed to fly by. Roger also seemed to focus on the music rather than effects in this part of the show, which was pleasing.


Brain Damage and «Eclipse» rounded out a great set and all 11,000 people gave Roger a rousing standing ovation.The Show - Part Two

«Dark Side of the Moon»

The Show - Part 3

«Another Brick»

Part three, comprising songs only from «The Wall» was really enjoyable. Roger tied songs together perfectly, «Happiest Days» lead into «Another Brick» as did «Vera» and then «Bring The Boys Back Home» and «Comfortably Numb». I’d filled my CF card by this stage, so only got a few shots.

Comfortably Numb

The solo on CN was great, Roger made a faux pas earlier when introducing the band, introducing Dave Kilminster almost as Dave Gilmour....Gilminster...


IMHO all in all a stand out show. Better than his 2002 because of the faithful reproduction of some Floyd classics and the drive and passion Roger had on this his first show of 2007.

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