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Snowy White
mit Roger Waters auf Tournee:

Mumbai IN
MMRDA Grounds

By ANAND R. SHARMA: Am just back from the concert at the MMRDA grounds and as the Flying Pig and the pyrotechnics run across my mind, I simply had to write down and pen my thoughts ( and review ) of the concert. To be candid, I was wondering how the vocals would sound without some of the original band members especially David Gilmour and whether it would be worth the money. I skipped Roger Waters’ 2002 “In The Flesh” concert for precisely the same reason. I owed my allegiance to Pink Floyd – Not to a band member cashing in on their rich legacy…..Or so I thought. This time around since they were going to perform the DSOTM in full, I just couldn’t give it a pass. After the concert and the kind of impact it had on me, I can safely say that the Pink Floyd genre of music goes way beyond who performs – Gilmour or Waters, Barrett or anyone else. They have created something which is truly timeless. And Boy – Am I glad I was lucky enough to watch Roger Waters LIVE ! He’s a maniac on stage ! That too at his age !


The gates opened at 1730 hrs with enormous queues for the mandatory frisking and we were among the first – Waiting patiently for dusk to set in and for the clock to tick to 1900 hrs. After a slight delay at about 1920 hrs, the concert began. The first number was “In the flesh”. He moved on to “Mother”. The full setlist was :


In The Flesh
Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Southampton Dock
The Fletcher Memorial Home
Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2
Leaving Beirut


Speak to Me
On the Run
Breathe (Reprise)
The Great Gig in the Sky
Us and Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage


The Happiest Days of Our Lives
Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)
Bring the Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb

Rather than make this review sound like a song-by-song praise, I will just say it was an “Experience of a lifetime”. If the focus on the earlier Mark Knopfler and the Joe Satriani concerts were on the pure genius of their guitaring, this was an audio-visual extravaganza – meant to “comfortably numb” your senses more like a roller-coaster ride except that this one lasted 155 minutes and at the end of it, you were feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. For people reading this outside India, Pl. do not miss the concert when he tours your country. For those of you who are in India and missed attending the concert, tough luck. You weren’t destined to !


The guitaring in “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” was something else. When he sang “Bring the boys back home” it reminded me of how most of us feel when our Cricket Team bombs abroad ! I wasn’t too happy with “Leaving Beirut” and “Sheep” being part of the setlist but I can rationalize that these were mere primers for the DSOTM delight. There was a 15m break before DSOTM was played out and another small break after Eclipse. In the encore “Another Brick in the wall” was a huge hit with all of us crying ourselves hoarse by then ! The transition from "Happiest Days of our lives" to "Another Brick..." gave me the Goosebumps ! After the frenzy of "Another Brick..." "Vera" was sweetness personified and the lull before the "Bring the Boys back home" Storm.


If I have to criticize the concert I would say though it was a tight setlist they did not improvise much. Dave Kilminister ( who looks a bit like Rohit Bal ! ) was quite impressive as well as expressive with his Guitar. Ian Ritchie’s Sax work was excellent. These were seasoned players who have perfected their art over time. They were subdued and allowed the music to speak for itself.


Three Cheers for the crowd - Very well behaved and quite knowledgeable too. They knew the lyrics to most of the songs – Not just Dark side. A few idiots managed to smuggle in fags and were adding to the stage’s smoke effects. After a while they lost interest in smoking as they got engrossed in the music.


I now await ( with bated breath ) for Santana to tour India ! Hanging on in quiet desperation is the Indian way ! The Time has come, the review is over; thought I had something more to say !!!

GAURAV: Die Schau hatte den Auftakt mit «In the flesh» und endete mit «Eclipse». Wie du bereits weisst, beinhaltet die Setlist hauptsächlich Songs von «Dark side of the moon» und anderen Songs, wie «Southampton dock», «The Fletcher Memorial Home», «Perfect sense parts 1 and 2», «Set the controls for the heart of the sun», «Mother», «Have a cigar» usw. welche erstklassig dargeboten wurden.


Die erstaunlichsten psychedelischen Bilder, die als passender Hintergrund dienten, waren irgendein pyro (anmutige Beleuchtung in Einklang mit dem Thema, den Feuerwerken, den Explosionen). Wir waren allerdings zuhinterst, aber wir genossen die Akustik echt. Es war wie eine mini Reproduktion von «Pulse» im Earl's Court!







© Junaid Khwaja

Junaid: Die Roger Waters Show in Mumbai am 18. Feb 2007 war absolute der Wahn. Es war das beste Konzert, welches die Stadt jemals gesehen hatte. 16000 Zuschauer waren anwesend und jedermann war am Ende des Konzerts völlig begeistert, glücklich und zufrieden.


Die Show hatte den Auftakt mit «In the Flesh». Im ersten Teil des Konzerts spielte Roger Waters eine Auswahl von Songs wie «Animal», «The Wall», «the Final Cut» und «Wish You Were Here».

Während «Leaving Berut», Roger Waters neuer Komposition, wurden auf der gigantischen Leinwand Skizzen-Videos abgespielt. Der Song war in Form einer Geschichte in der eine starke politische Weltanschauung den laufenden Krieg in Irak verurteilt.


Der zweite Teil des Konzerts umfasste das ganze Album von «Dark Side Of The Moon», gefolgt von «Another Brick In The Wall» (part 2) und von «Comfortably Numb», welches der letzte Song in dieser Vorstellung war.


Die Videos, die zusammen mit jedem Stück liefen, waren aus dieser Welt heraus gegriffen und wirklich passend zu den gespielten Songs. Auch die Laserlichter kombiniert mit den Explosionen auf der Bühne waren atemberaubend anzusehen.


Als Pink Floyd Fan an diesem Konzert dabei sein zu können war wie ein Traum der sich erfüllte. Ein Gefühl und eine Emotion, die nicht in Worten ausgedrückt werden können. Das Konzert war wirklich wunderbar und wenn ich Floyd wieder höre wird es mich jedes Mal daran erinnern.

Simon Denton: When Renate asked me to send some photos and a review of the recently completed Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon tour, I was only too pleased to oblige. Then I realised it would be kind of tricky to write something new about tour that began in 2006 and finished in July 2007, wowing fans across the globe with 107 performances.


We were lucky enough to have seen these momentous concerts on several occasions. The first time I saw it in Reykjavik in June 2006 recaptured the magic of hearing Dark Side of the Moon for the first time all those years ago.


Little did we know then that as fantastic as that early performance was, the show and the band would develop, evolve and somehow get even better right up to the final leg more than 12 months later.


The set list has been widely reported so I wont give a track by track review. And although there were many highlights, one of them was seeing Roger sitting down and spitting out “The Fletcher Memorial” with such raw passion and venom that it made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.


Musically the brief had been to recreate the music as it sounded on the record but this incredibly talented band also managed to give the music a fresh feel and introduce their own characters to the music. Snowy and Dave shared the hallowed lead guitar work between them whilst Andy Fairweather-Low worked solidly in the background.


The format of the show was the same throughout the tour. The first half was effectively Pink Floyd’s “greatest hits” plus the anthemic “Perfect Sense” and a new song, “Leaving Beirut” which saw Andy emerge from the back of the stage playing the guitar part complete with cowboy’s hat.


The second half consisted of Dark Side of the Moon played in it’s entirety, complete with additional sound effects during “On The Run” that almost made the ears bleed. Snowy often seemed transfixed by the projections on the screen during this tune.


The encore effectively formed a third part of the show, with several songs from The Wall including the singalongs “Another Brick” and “Comfortably Numb” during which Snowy and Dave let rip trading licks with those guitar solos.


Being a Roger Waters show, there was naturally a lot of other stuff going on. The screen at the back of the stage was used to great effect with some old and new film footage and mesmerising colourful animation. There were pyrotechnics and explosions. An astronaut flew above the crowd during “Perfect Sense” and a huge pig floated around during “Sheep”.


And then there was the sound system which was crystal clear. Even in the venues with poor acoustics, the sound was always spot on.


Finally, what made these shows especially powerful and emotional was the connection between the audiences and Roger. Roger strode across the stage grinning from ear to ear, acknowledging thanks and waves from the fans. The audience in Mumbai, where a business trip “totally by coincidence” happened to be at the same time as the show was in town, were especially engaged and hugely grateful that this large scale rock show was taken to their city.


One particularly poignant moment in Mumbai was the group of fans standing next to us at the front of the stage holding up a makeshift banner saying “we’ve come all the way from Bangladesh for you”. During “Mother” they waved at Roger who nodded and winked at them. Towards the end of the show he told the crowd that he had found the reception in Mumbai “hugely moving” and pointed out “these guys have come all the way from Bangladesh and I know many of you have travelled long distances”.


If there was any doubt, the general consensus is that the debate about “which one’s Pink” has been settled.







[JK| G |RS...]

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