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Live Flames
Genre: CD
Shop: Artist: Snowy White & The White Flames
Length: 0 min.
Release: 1. 2007
Snowy White & The White Flames
The live album rcorded in UK 2006 Amongst the tracks which are mainly solely written or co-written by Snowy White with members of the band is a cover of the Peter Green song Long Grey Mare which was originally a featured song on the very first Fleetwood Mac album in 1967. The band turn the song into a show stopping performance here and it is a highlight of the album.


Review by: Mick

I received «LIVE FLAMES» and it's fantastic.

The sound is so good (thanks to Juan's mixing) and i love the set list.
(this "That ain't Right" version is awesome)

Review by: Someone...'somewhere over the rainbow...'

About «LIVE FLAMES» # 1

For those who are about to discover Snowy White and his band (better late than never!!), this album offers them a selection of almost 20 years' faithful collaboration between these talented musicians which can be summed up with these few words: a high-quality musical symbiosis that the new presence of Max (keyboards) has enhanced over these last years. With this CD, the ‘newcomers’ will be definitively convinced ‘having met’ THE guitarist…accompanied with an excellent rhythmic section. Want to know and enjoy more? Only one thing to do: order the SW complete set of albums…nothing to throw away!

For the others ‘the SW connoisseurs’ as I am,this ‘old/new’ album is a nice gift from the band…for us! A new opportunity to delight ENCORE and again at Snowy’s exceptional dexterity and so refined touch on guitar which make this such a pure and recognizable sound.

A very special mention for ‘Whiteflames blues’ track: as it were, a ‘SW registered trademark’. A pure wonder that the Max sweet/elegant arpegii  come to get it…sublime. Marvellously well done. Finally, high-class as ever…Snowy lets his musicians express themselves and front the CD: ‘Emmerpeirissa Express’ and ‘Wintersong’ tracks, but throughout the album…more particularly Juan (drums) for whom this CD is a real ‘V.I.B.’ Very Important Business-card !!

Congratulations to all the band, special thanks to Snowy for this new nice gift and now… All together, we’re looking forward to discovering the next studio album followed by a new big tour (?).
the PGB sweetblueslover© October 2007


About «LIVE FLAMES» # 2

Why to come out this ‘live’ album?
The best would be to ask it to Snowy himself…Would I be mistaken saying he certainly felt like to ‘print’a sound memory of the perfect musical complicity which has radiated on stage between him and his musicians for many years…and share it with his lifelong fans.
With this new album, we can totally appreciate the strength of band and easily imagine how GREAT these musicians are on stage…we also are immediately struck by the maturity and the evolution of band’s work. We feel it throughout the album listening the old tracks played with new variations/improvisations… We can’t help drawing a parallel between SW timeless songs and good wines…they both improve with years. To consume without moderation!!
the PGB sweetblueslover©
October 2007

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