Snowy White Fanclub
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The Snowy White
Blues Project
Band: The Snowy White Blues Project
Tour: GR, UK, PL, DE. NL, BE, CH & I
Concerts: 39 concerts
Start: 1. April 2009
The Snowy White Blues Project on Tour: 2009
Snowy White:guitar/vocals
Matt Taylor: guitar/vocals,
Ruud Weber: bass/vocals
Juan van Emmerloot: drums
Debut Album: In Our Time of Living


Review by: Laura Salvucci
20. Dez. 2009 - Castello della Rancia - Tolentino - Italia

It’s minus 6 celtius degrees outside (21 fahrenheit), roads are a plate of ice, we are at the east wing of the castle, organizers say there has been a problem with heating last night, ….but sooner than I thought, cold was just a memory. After the first tunes the atmosphere warms up and Snowy invites all to stand up, move the chairs upward, near the stage, sit down and…And he did the rest with his fabulous band.

It’s my first time I see Snowy performing and I soon realize what gentlemen he is. He plays the guitar with such a natural touch and communicates such peace. On stage, he has that look of a father who loves and enjoys watching with great respect his sons giving their best playing, and the result is… happiness on stage…so influenced by them that I kept smiling all time long. It’s crazy, cause I went to the concert telling myself: “Laura, don’t're gonna hear goood bluues” and I left the place smiling. This is the power of this band…of this Blues Project.

I must thank all, Snowy, Matt Taylor, Ruud Weber and least but not last, Juan Van Emmerlot for having signed the new CD cover and also a special thank to Renate who gave me the band poster with all the signatures and for asked me to write a review on the fan club page.

Great performance, excellent musicians. Thank you for the great night.

Review by: Valerio & Giorgio
16. Dez. 2009 - Le Baladin - PIOZZO - Italia

Il concerto è stato superiore alle aspettative ...

Eccoci qua a commentare la bella serata del 16/12/2009 al Baladin di Piozzo (Cuneo).

Siamo partiti da Torino quella fredda sera pieni di entusiasmo, avendo noi prenotato il tavolo (dove sei stata nostra graditissima ospite) 2 mesi prima e quindi non stavamo più nella pelle nell'attesa di quel "special day".

Quando siamo entrati, con gradita sorpresa, abbiamo scoperto che il nostro tavolo era proprio di fronte a Snowy... e questo ci ha riempito di gioia e lasciava presagire una fantastica serata (ciumbia!!! remember?). E poi sei arrivata tu.

Il concerto è stato superiore alle aspettative, emozionante l'entrata di Snowy con la sua mitica "Gipson"che ci ha fatto tornare indietro nel tempo pensando al loro percorso nella storia della musica e ai vari gruppi famosi che si sono esibiti con lui in tutti questi anni ( Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Roger Waters, Rick Wright, Peter Green, e tanti altri).

E' stato molto coinvolgente, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!! SNOWY and BLUES PROJECT
(è stato bello fare anche la loro conoscenza, veramente bravi)

E' stato bello conoscerti,e magari incontrarci in un altro concerto. Saluti speciali, cogliendo l'occasione di farti gli auguri di Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo.

Grazie di tutto.
Un caro saluto....Valerio & Giorgio

Review by: Malgosia - Polen|Schweiz
Hier mein Konzert Review vom 28. Nov. 2009 Mühle Hunziken - Rubigen - Schweiz

Es war grandios!

Da ich das Snowy White Blues Project Konzert in Poznan peinlicheweise verpasst habe, weil ich mir damals das falsche Datum vermerkte, war ich wirklich happy endlich dabei zu sein. Ich habe mich mit Renate in Grenchen getroffen und nachdem wir noch ein kleines Kunstwerk von Dave abgeholt hatten führen wir mit dem Auto an das Konzert in Rubigen . Wir kamen gegen 16.00 Uhr an . In der Mühle Hunziken waren der Toningenieur Alfie, der vorallem mit berühmten Musikern zusammen arbeitet und die Tontechniker , bereits am Einrichten der Bühne. Die Mühle Hunziken ist schon an sich sehr sehenswert und so ist es nicht erstaundlich, dass wir uns diese mysteriöse Deko überall, näher anschauten. Doch plötzlich tauchte der Veranstalter Mühle Pesche auf und schmiss uns hochkanntig hinaus, obwohl Alfie Ihm erklärt hatte, dass wir von Snow's Fanclub sind. Ein paar Minuten später kamen Snowy, Ruud, Matt, Juan und Luckas an und baten uns wieder hertzlich herein. Doch dies war dem Mühle Pesche natürlcih nicht entgangen und schon war mal eine lautstarke Diskusion mit Luckas im Gange, bevor er endlich seine Zustimmung gab. Wir waren beim Soundcheck dabei. Es war so, als ob die Band nur für uns spielen würde, was ja auch stimmte, da die Mühle noch Menschenlehr war. Es war echt grandios. Ich habe es sehr genossen. Kurz danach hatte auch Gabriella, Renate's Schwester welche mit dem Zug von Zürich herreiste, das Ziel erreicht. Nun waren wir vollzählig und die show konnte beginnen.

Nach 19.00 Uhr trafen dann auch schon gemächlich die ersten Zuschauer ein und bald darauf fieberte eine volle Mühle gespannt dem Konzert entgegen, welches um 21:00 Uhr begann. Die Band war fantastisch. Jeder spielte seinen eigenes Style und vielleicht gerade dadurch klang dieses Zusammenspiel so harmonisch. Das Publikum war begeistert und die enthusiastisch Faszination steigert sich noch einmal als die Band noch 2 sensationelle Stücke in der Zugabe spielte.

Nach dem Konzert besuchten wir Snowy backstage. Wir hatten eine kleine Überraschung vorbereitet und Snowy freute sich über die gelungene Snowy White papier-mâché Art von David Caqliola. Danach machten wir ein kleines Photo Shooting mit Snowy und zudem habe ich mir am Konzert auch die neu CD der Band gekauft und natürlich von allen Musikern die Autogramme geholt. Es war ein unvergessliche Erlebniss! Ich bin begeistert! Ja, es hat mir so gut gefallen, dass ich höchstwahrscheinlich nächstes Jahr noch ein Konzert von Snowy White Blues Project in Holland besuchen werde.

Renate hat am Ende noch Gabriella & mich mit dem Auto nach Hause gefahren, sie ist wirklich toll.

Review by: John Hurd
27th Nov.2009 - Harmonie - Bonn - Germany

White Man Blues with Snowy White

He doesn’t have Rock Star attitude, he doesn’t have a great voice, and he barely scrapes in as a pop star courtesy of one 80’s chart hit. His latest band, The Blues Project, shows however that there’s a lot to like about Snowy White – especially if you also like the Blues.

The only similarity between last weeks Harmonie show with Julian Sas and this week with Snowy White is that both had a bass player wearing a hat. Where Julian was striking rock gestures and grimacing with every sweat drenched note, Snowy White stands motionless except for his nimble fingers that occasionally break from picking notes and hop over to flick the treble switch of his antique gold Gibson Les Paul. Very occasionally he might, during a particularly emotive moment, squint his eyes closed. When he solos he is most definitely THE MAN, but for the most part, he is more the Circus Master handing over to his hand picked Project Band.

And a super band it is too with an excellent bass player and lead vocalist in Ruud Weber Jr, an excellent guitarist/vocalist in Matt Taylor and flamboyant (and also excellent!) drummer from White Flames Juan Van Emmerloot who today sports a furry Russian Hussar hat. All Snowy has to do is sit back and play blues guitar – which is just how he (and we) like it most.

Snowy takes an acoustic break

The material is, not surprisingly, mainly songs from the new ‘In Our Time of Living CD’.

A couple of older SW standards are also included in the form of ‘Old Grey Mare’ and Snowy’s own ‘Land of Plenty’ and there is also the new ‘Red Wine Blues’ all opportunities for Snowy himself to shine which he does, particularly with his delicate finger-picked soloing on the latter.

For the most part though it’s the band who take the spotlight and they would be worth seeing alone. I particularly liked Ruud Weber’s vocal style. Maybe it was the wide hat on his head, but he sounded Texan to me. Cool, laid back and smiling. Matt Taylor has brought some excellent songs to the band and provides a twin guitar attack (we’re talking blues here, you won’t find the likes of Lizzy’s ‘Emerald’ in a Snowy White repertoire!).

A highlight was the bands rendition of Skip James’ ‘I’m So Glad’ that saw the all too rare use of a cajon onstage by Juan Van Emmerloot who admittedly headed back to his drum kit for added oomph to close the number. Everyone onstage was smiling, everyone I could see offstage too. Should blues be music to smile to? When it’s this good – yes it should!

Snowy & Matt Taylor

Julian Sas’ bass player Tenny Tahamata had told me last Saturday how he’d enjoyed a recent show with Snowy. Ana Popovic had referred to a recent ‘Symphony In Blues’ concert with “great musicians like Snowy White”. There’s no doubt about the respect he has amongst musicians, and great as the band were, Snowy still blows everyone away with just a carefully phrased note in just the right place at just the right time.

By set end the band troop offstage. Snowy gets halfway but comes back. “At my age, going all the way outside just to come back. I’m too old for that s**t!”. He smiles, picks up his gold Les Paul and picks out an exquisite solo. It all looks so very easy, but don’t be fooled. Phil Lynott, Peter Green and Pink Floyd all recognized a master craftsman at work when they heard Snowy White – and so will you!



Review by: Cecil Ligtenberg | The Netherlands
20. May 2009 - De Bosuil - Weert - The Netherlands

We got a big surprise . . .

On Wednesday the 20th of May I started the first part of my musical travel to see The Snowy White Blues Project. It was my plan to follow the guys for 3 days in Holland -Weert, Zoetermeer and Purmerent. As I said before, my first trip was Wednesday when I left Rotterdam for the long trip to Weert (with a short stop in Elsoo). Here I got a big warm welcome from an International company -French, English, Swiss and Dutch people -all were enthusiastic Snowy White fans. After enjoying a good meal we left and went to The Bosuil in Weert where The Snowy White Blues Project was to play that night.

I was travelling in the car of Renate,who is the webmaster of Snowy’s Swiss Fanclub and also a very big fan. She went to almost all the concerts on the bands European beginning in Greece then England, Germany and now here in Holland. Because we both have web sites about Snowy there was enough to talk about. Finally we arrived in Weert where I met Barbara from the Dutch Bluesrock Magazine. She told me that she would be making pictures and a concert review. The Bosuil is not a really big venue and even though there was many in the audience there was enough space for someone to stand where you want. I went to the left side of the stage because I know Snowy always stays left on stage (even with Roger Waters) and it was also the same here in the Bosuil. Near his sound equipment stood Juan’s drum kit on a little higher level than 2 microphones -one for Ruud Weber Jr. (bass guitar and vocals) and the other one on the right side for Matt Taylor (lead guitar and vocals).

The guys started with the song ”Blue to the bone” a com- position that was written and sung by Ruud Weber Jr. A nice flowing blues song for an opener. Ruud then moves on to “Good morning blues”. Every time I hear this song I have the feeling that I must sing “Monday blues”. Why? Because it sounds a little bit like one of Snowy’s songs with his first blues band The Blues Agency in 1989. Ruud then carries on with my favourite song of their album “Simple”. I love this song and I could not sit still…After that Snowy took the vocals with one of his songs from the Snowy White Blues Project CD. It was the ballad “Red Wine Blues”.This song with his vocals and guitar playing will have an unique part together, even though I find that Ruud and Matt have good blues voices with a much better volume than Snowy. I still swoon if he sings such sensitive songs by himself like this one - that‘s why I’m one of his fans, I think....The intro of this song "Red wine blues" sounds like the intro of “The time has come” from his second solo album “Land of freedom” aka “Snowy White “

After this slow song Ruud began with the swinging song “Hot for the money” then Matt Taylor took over with singing ”Ain’t No doctor” (one of his own songs) and he did this together with great guitar work. Alas I could not see him playing because I was standing on the left side and he was playing on the right side.The next song was “Lonely Man” and then Snowy came to the front with his version of Peter Green song “long grey mare”. Unfortunately I did not like this version, I honestly found it awful!! Matt took over with another self penned song and the title track of the album “In Our Time of Living” Snowy introduced it as one of his favourite songs.I found the lyrics okay but musically I still have to get used to it.

After Matt singing Snowy sang the song “Land of Plenty,” which I found more a talking song than singing. This song sounded very mysterious and for me it sounds more like a Pink Floyd song than a blues one but it has one of the most beautiful guitar solos by SnowyRudy then sang “Rolling With My Baby” again a real blues swinger followed by Matt with “” On My Way Down”.Finally Snowy sang, for me one of his best covers from Peter Green, ”I loved another woman”. The most beautiful part of this song is at the final which has such a great ending that it makes me speechless.The audience enjoyed this song too (with exception from some people who were to drunk for really listening). But all the others were so silence when he played the last notes of “I loved another woman.” So softly, with so much tenderness and emotion until the last music note he presses a sound with his unique guitar play on his Les Paul Gold Top Guitar.

Then we got a big surprise.The band begin with an acoustic part which Juan played on a speaker box (it looks liked that to me)first with his hands and later on with 2 special brushes.Matt started with a cover from Skip James “I’m so glad”, which the guys made to a good version when Matt and Ruud gave a two background vocals and Snowy a super guitar solo.It was a pity that it was so short. Matt did another cover “walk on” in addition to the audience he invited to sing together with him what they did spontaneous..I still hear that song in my head “walk on, walk on”. Even the lyrics were not interesting. But you just had to look to the guys and you share the same enthusiasm as they have!

After this acoustic part Ruud goes further wth a funky song by Freddie King. But for me, this was not my cup of tea.Then they had the last part of their show and the 3 guitar players were singing and playing together the song “I want to thank you” a composition of Matt Taylor.When I heard this number for the first time on the CD, I really got used to it;even there are good guitar solos because of the variation of their different voices.I‘m not happy with this,why? Snowy’s voice is much softer than the others especially Matt’s voice which has the biggest volume and you can hear very clear.But live it was the same problem.It‘s a pity.Snowy had better sing this by himself because alone his voice sounded much better.But I can imagine that this song is a thank you to the audience as he introduced it and than you will sing it with three of them!

The other band members left the stage and Snowy let us enjoy for a while his own qualities by playing and singing “The world keep on turning” from Peter Green.This was a great final or should we get an encore? Yes of course, Juan,Matt and Ruud came back to bring a last finale of “One way ticket” and I can’t get enough of the blues” This last song I was full of emotions and also for the other fans who recognised this one from Snowy’s tour (with The White Flames Band) in 1994.They were promoting their album “Highway to the sun“ where you can find this song.At that time “I can ‘t get enough of the blues“ became the Fanclub song of many Dutch fans and it was always the big finale of the whole” Highway to the sun “tour.The version that Snowy played tonight with his Blues Project was different to the one that we knew because now there were two guitar players.But the lyrics and the way Ruud did the vocals gave the audience a stir up of pressure and emotion for this song to give it a spectacular finale.The band had almost played all the songs of their début CD with the exception of the beautiful balled “I still see you” But maybe they will do this at one of the other shows which I will visit.....

Soo, after the concert I saw Walter Latupeirissa (bass player of The White Flames Band) who gave me a warm welcome.And at last I went together with several fans backstage to see Snowy and the band for questions and some photos etc..For this special day I will say thank you to a few people for their great help for arranging many things. They are Renate, Bert, Lianne, Mick and Diana and Babs. But also Snowy Matt, Ruud and Juan for let me enjoy this evening.

For All Of You, I Wanna Thank You!!
Cecil Ligtenberg

Review by: Ivar
Snowy White,10-05-2009 niedziela, „Blue Note”, Poznań, Poland

Mały klub, niska scena, kilka stolików i miejsca stojące szczelnie zapełnione ludźmi. Stawiły się 3 pokolenia, średnia wieku grubo po 40-tce. Wszyscy czekali na człowieka- legendę, grającego z Ping Floyd, P. Greenem, Thin Lizzy i wieloma innymi gwiazdami. A tu niespodzianka: na scenie wystąpiło 4 równorzędnych partnerów! I to pod każdym względem. Gdyby ktoś znalazł się na tym koncercie przypadkowo, to nie odgadłby, że band ma jakiegoś leadera. Dwaj równorzędni gitarzyści, wspaniale śpiewający basista i doskonały bębniarz- kwartet, który pozwolił się nam zapomnieć na 2 godziny.

Nie jestem zagorzałym fanem blues’a i wolę zdecydowanie typowo white’owe dźwięki (płyty „Little Wing” czy „No Faith Required.”), ale tym razem byłem mile zaskoczony. Zarówno utwory z nowego krążka, jak i covery były zaaranżowane w bardzej rockowy sposób, przez co uniknięto częstego blues’owego nudziarstwa. Prawdziwym rodzynkiem okazał się set akustyczny. Szkoda, że taki krótki, bo „I’m so glad” Cream rozgrzało publiczność do czerwoności. Później już było tylko coraz cieplej…

O technicznych możliwościach kwartetu szkoda pisać- po prostu wszystko się zgadzało. A feeling… tu już Snowy wysunął się na pierwszy plan. Zwłaszcza podczas jednego z bisów, który wykonał bez kolegów i bez pękniętej struny H. Kto gra, ten wie, jakie to trudne.
Zuch chłopak! :-)
Review by: Neil Crosby
25th April 2009 GR -Liverpool - Baby Blue
Without a daught it was the best evening ever spent in the company of a band.

Their tone and clarity the very best ever played. May the Snowy White Blues Project remain for many years and come back to Liverpool soon guys

Please Cheers for the evening.

Review by: Renate
new Tracklist for the UK Tour

Blue to The Bone
Good Morning Blues
Red Wine Blues
Hot For The Money
I Aint No Doctor
Long Grey Mare
Lonly Man Blues
In Our Time Of Living
Land Of Plenty
Rolling With My Baby
On Your Way Down
I Loved Another Woman
I'm So Glad
Walk On
Woman Across The River
I Want To Thank You
One Way Ticket

World Keep On Turning
Can't Get Enough Of The Blues

Review by: Chris
25th April 2009 - Leamington Assembly - Leamington Spa - UK

Snowys playing was excellent !
I didnt make a note of the songs played as i didnt know at the time i would be asked to write a review of the show. All i can tell you all is that if you are going to see the band you are in for a great night of blues from one of the UKs greatest guitarists backed up by a really tight band. They played quite afew songs from the new album which was on sale after the show, plus a good mixture of older material.

Snowys playing was excellent as expected and i was very impressed with the whole band. Although there was only a small audience maybe 150+. A great atmosphere was created by the band and everyone there had a great night. Very nice venue too.

After the show had finished some of us waited to meet Snowy. I took along one of my guitars that Snowy was happy to sign for me. ( you may be able to see a photo on this website soon ) he was very friendly and happy to meet the fans who waited to see him, unlike a lot of bands today who dont seem to have time for their fans.

All in all a fantastic night, thanks to Snowy and the band.

Review by: Στέργιος Φακίτσας
Ο θρυλικός κιθαρίστας, ο οποίος έχει συνεργαστεί με Peter Green, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, και άλλους μεγάλους μουσικούς, επέστρεψε στη χώρα μας, στο διάλειμμα της περιοδείας του με τον Waters (Pink Floyd) και έπαιξε το νέο προσωπικό του σχήμα, τους: «THE SNOWY WHITE BLUES PROJECT” στη Λάρισα, στον Μύλο 1927, την Πρωταπριλιά! Στην αρχή νομίζαμε (όπως και άλλοι) ότι ήταν μια πρωταπριλιάτικη φάρσα, αλλά…. ευτυχώς δεν ήταν κι έτσι η συναυλία έγινε κανονικά, έχοντας μάλιστα και μεγάλη επιτυχία! Ο χώρος του Μύλου σχεδόν γεμάτος, αλλά όχι ασφυκτικά και το εισιτήριο εισόδου προσιτό. Νέοι και μεσήλικες που μεγάλωσαν με τη μουσική του Snowy γέμισαν τον χώρο. Οι περισσότεροι που ήρθαν, ήξεραν τι να περιμένουν!

Ο Snowy παρουσίασε τη νέα δουλειά του μαζί με τους Matt Taylor: κιθάρα-φωνή, Ruudi Weber: μπάσο-φωνή και Juan van Emmerloot: κρουστά. Το όλο σχήμα φάνηκε πολύ δεμένο, αν και (όπως είπαν κι οι ίδιοι) δεν παίζουν πολύ καιρό μαζί κι ειδικά live! Η μουσική κινήθηκε στο χώρο της blues, τόσο με γρήγορα ρυθμικά σχήματα που ξεσήκωναν συχνά το κοινό, όσο και με αργά ατμοσφαιρικά τραγούδια με καταπληκτικά σόλο. Ο κόσμος, με την παραίνεση του συγκροτήματος, συμμετείχε ενεργά σε κάποια τραγούδια, προσδίδοντας μια μεγαλύτερη ζωντάνια στο live! Ταλαντούχος, τόσο στην κιθάρα, όσο και στο τραγούδι και ταυτόχρονα απλός κι ευγενικός, ο Snowy άφησε τις καλύτερες εντυπώσεις!

Μοναδικό…παράπονο, φαντάζομαι των περισσότερων παρευρισκόμενων, είναι που δεν έπαιξε τη μεγάλη επιτυχία του, την υπέροχη blues μπαλάντα που τον έκανε παγκόσμια γνωστό… “Bird of Paradise!”. Μετά το τέλος της συναυλίας, το συγκρότημα παρέμεινε στο χώρο για ένα ποτό και έτσι δόθηκε η ευκαιρία σε κάποιους από εμάς να ανταλλάξουμε μερικές κουβέντες. Γενικά, ήταν μια πολύ ωραία συναυλία που μας άφησε πολύ καλές εντυπώσεις!
Review by: Kostas

3th April 2009 GR - Athens - Architektoniki Club

What a night!!!!
We saw Snowy once again (the last was with Roger Waters) but this time with his new band!

Everything seemed ok in the beginning but after a few songs Snowy's amp seemed to have a few problems. This had a serious effect on him since he could not play everything he wanted. As a result he was really frustrated at the end of the gig!! I have never seen him this way before!!Anyway, apart from the sound, the concert was really nice - a mix of songs from the new blues project album and some selected tunes from the past (mainly blues agency). What is really important i think,is the fact that Snowy left Matt Taylor to saw his abilities on guitar rather than trying to put him on the background. This was evident in louder tracks, but in the most sentimental and slower ones Snowy really shone even with a crappy amplifier! The highlight was "The Land of the Plenty", with a magnificent - highly emotional - guitar solo from Snowy.

All in all a great night but i will rate it with 5/6 due to the sound issues. Oh, and by the way buy the new album by blues project, from what i have heard it's a killer one!!!!!!!
Review by: Renate

3th April 2009 GR - Athens - Architektoniki Club

2.4. One-day strike in Athens
During the 24-hour walkout all public transport was closed. Also at my train station in Larissa. So I took for my 4h trip back to Athens a Taxi. I was happy because by the help of the amiable Greeks was it easy to find the Architektoniki Club and arrive in time !

Jonny welcomed all guests and then the second of the two concerts in Greece began. They opened with «Rolling With My Baby» before moving onto «Good Morning Blues». Suddenly, the next song «Simple» was just finish, Snowy said: "I'LL BE BACK IN A MINUTE", and then he disappeared in the dressing room. "NOW, THAT'S OK!", Snowy said and was back on stage. But after the first seconds of Snowy's «Red Wine Blues» suddenly the next brake, as Snowy asked: "CAN YOU PUT MORE LIGHT ON THE STAGE ?". Now all seens optimal and we could admire Snowy's fretboard artistry of the extra class! Among Snowy's solo playing in «Red Wine Blues», the guitar brings to swing pain, sorrow and longing in his strings. In the true sense of the word, he let to sound the strings up to tearing.

The show goes on with «Hot For The Money», while Snowy disappeared again in the dressing room, in order to changed the snapped e-string on his goldtop.
I didn't realize what a fantastic guitar player Matt is, and I was very impressed by his talent on the guitar.
Also Ruud, as a bass player, he has great depth and diversity, and a commanding stage presence and he even smiled during certain parts of the songs.
However, after two whole minutes, Snowy came out back to stage with new e-string.

The drum went on which was pretty cool. «I Aint No Doctor», was well underway and was absolutely amazing. All of band was still very in great spirits and laughed and was very jaunty on stage. Maybe that was the reason that Juan was cached behind a box???

Their was something in the air. This amp was not plenty of power and it had no power left over!.....Yea! The amp gave Snowy some problems. The clean was not as clean but as you can imagine I loved the Les Paul sound and its given me no trouble at all. For me it was wonderfully balanced and rich sound. Absolutely! Alfie of soundman made a brilliant job!

Review by: Renate


1st April 2009 Greece - Larissa - Club Milos 1927

Tonight The Snowy White Blues Project kicked off their tour of Europe before much fans in concert crowd at Larissa's Milos Club. It was a wonderful evening with several 'big moments'.
First things first: I need to thank Johnny Angel for treating me so well. He was very kind and with zest, Johnny consigned me the concert poster of the show in Larissa that he actually did it by himself. I'm overjoyed to have the first concert poster of the very first Snowy White Blues Project show.

The stage presence of all was terrific. They all did a phenomenal job and I suggest that you check out this tour if it comes near you. You will love it... ! !

Rolling With My Baby
Good Morning Blues
Red Wine Blues
Hot For The Money
I Aint No Doctor
Long Grey Mare
In Our Time Of Living
Lonly Man Blues
Land Of Plenty
Blues To The Bone
Walk On
Woman Across River
I Want To Thank You
One Way Ticket
Stone Free

I Can't Get Enough Of The Blues

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