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05.02.2009 22:33 Age: 12 yrs

By: Bert | Renate | Snowy

• Snowy White •
Snowy White Blues Project have finished their album!.

• SHOWS 2009 •
• MySpace•

NEW album samples up!!
These samples certainly show great promise for the new release.
I'm looking forward to it.

[click here] for THE SNOWY WHITE BLUES PROJECT @ MySpace

Snowy White Blues Project - in the studio, Nov 2008

This will feature
Snowy White: (on guitar)
(Snowy White & The White Flames
Juan van Emmerloot: (on drums)
(Snowy White & The White Flames
Matt Taylor: (on guitar & vocals)
(Matt Taylor Band UK)
Ruud Weber: (on bass & vocals)
(Buddy-X NL)
(Snowy met Ruud in Bologna when he played with The Barry Mc Cabe Band)
Hello all
Hello all
I have asked Snowy a questions about his new line-up for the tour 2009. I think your work with White Flames is the most important thing for you for years. That's why I wonder why have you formed a new band for the tour 2009? Happened it just so, because your musicians have other dates? Or are you looking for a new challenge? It's not possible to imagine one without the other but I can very well imagine you enjoying that. I have put the line-up of my new blues band project on my website. I want to do some gigs where I can just play guitar and let the other guys sing. And people keep asking me to play more blues. Also I want to take time with recording the next White Flames Band album, so that is why. Also Matt Taylor was so kind and send in his answer of my questions.

Matt Taylor
Matt, what I really like to know is, how it happens? Is this the first time you play with Snowy? And where you meet Snowy White? I was introduced to Snowy by Juan & Walter who I toured with in 2000 & 2001. I've met Snowy a few times in Britain, most recently at a Roger Waters show in London in May and it was very nice to get a phone call out of the blue from him asking me to be involved in this project. We got together for the third time yesterday to go through new material and I am looking forward to going into the studio in a couple of weeks, I'm sure we're going to make a great album. It will be great to see Juan again and I am looking forward to working with Ruud, he has contributed some great songs.

2009 Shows: 23.4 Riga Bar 24.4 MICK JAGGER CENTRE 26.4 Live Lounge at Baby Blue 28.4 Milton Keynes 20.5. Muziekcentrum De Bosuil, Weert, NL 21.5. Bluesfestival , Handzame Delerium BE 22.5. Muziekcentrum Schaaf , Leeuwarden, NL 23.5. Bam Festival Hengelo, [afternoon] 23.5. Boerderij, Zoetermeer, NL [evening] 24.5. Grandcafe Veendam, NL [afternoon] 24.5. P3 Purmerend, NL [evening]

Ruud Weber
Ruud Junior is sharing the lead vocals with Matt Taylor and Ruud is very proud to announce that he has contibuted 4 songs to the album! read more ... >> Ruud Junior's Blog The new White Flames Band studio album, featuring Walter Latupeirissa, Max Middleton and Juan van Emmerloot, will be released later in 2009.

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