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with The Train, Schweden 1969

The Train

The line-up of Train was:
Christer Stålbrandt (bass, vocals)
Snowy White (guitar)
Theo Salsberg (drums)

Toward the end of 1968 Christer Ståhlbrandt left the group [The Imps] to become a member of the newly formed group, Train. Snowy left The Isle Of Wight and headed for Sweden. Snowy White was also in this group!

Shortly after the inception of Train, the founder and drummer Theo Salsberg left the group, to be replaced by The Imps drummer Björn Inge

In the Autumn of 1969 Snowy went back to England and was replaced by Richard Rolf.

The other two guys in Train formed 1969 in Vällingby the band November.

Snowy you used to play in a band called Train in Sweden. I´ve got some mail from people in Sweden about this group. They would like to know what songs the band played.
Did you play original tunes or did you just play cover tunes?
We played mostly original songs, except for 'Memory Pain'

This is what was written inside a bokklet for a reissue of the first November album.
Rumour has it that Snowy White, the original guitar player of Train, has some Train tapes. Mellotronen is looking into the matter, and hopefully in the future we will hear the raw material of November
Train later became November is there any recordings of this band that you know of like demo tapes?
I don't know anything about November... I have a tape of The Train rehearsal which is quite good. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested to hear it. Unfortunately I can't find it. I'm sure it's somewhere in my house...!

How long did you play with that band ?
I guess I played with The Train for about a year....

Why did that band come to a end ?
I decided to go to live in London, so I left the band. I don't know what happened to them after that..

Do you keep in contact with any of those members ?
Theo the drummer lives in England, I have seen him a couple of times.

Did you perform any live shows with this band ?
We did some live shows, but I don't remember doing a lot of gigs, just occasionally...

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer our questions.
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The groups breaktrough came on November 1st 1969, when they supported Fleetwood Mac at the Cue-Club in Gothenburg. Tomas Johansson, owner of EMA-Telstar became the groups manager and the first album "En ny tid ar har" was recorded at the National Swedish Radio. Shortly after the overwhelming response, they went out on their first long tour in Sweden.

In the spring of 1971 the second album was was released with George Wadenius as producer. The album was called "2:a November". The same year, the group went out on an European Tour.


In 1972 the third album was released, but in the summer the same year, the group decided to split up after the coming tour. Their last performance took place at the club "Domino" in Stockholm, New Years Eve 1972.

November is the first band in Sweden that played Hard Rock. November's main rise to fame began with a very successful concert in November 1969, when they supported Fleetwood Mac, who were touring Sweden at the time. The band were one of the few Swedish bands to use Swedish lyrics, sung in a very characteristic way by bassist/vocalist Christer Stalbrandt. They released a total of four albums, including a very good live album, recorded between 1970 and 1971, but released in 1993. Made in Sweden and future Blood, Sweat & Tears guitarist, Georg Wadenius, produced their second album, "2a November", in 1971. Stalbrandt later formed Saga (not the Canadian band!), in 1974.


2a November

Sida A:

1. Sista resan (2:28)

2. Men mitt hjärta ska vara gjort av sten (4:32)

3. Asthamahgurchk - den fjottegangere (0:43)

4. Mina fotspår fylls av vatten (5:01)

5. En lång dag är över (6:07)


Sida B:

1. Môuchkta (Drömmen om Malin) (2:17)

2. På väg (7:16)

3. Ganska långt från Sergel (3:11)

4. Och så en morgon... (1:51)

5. En ny tid är här (3:59)


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