Live Flames
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Name: David Maxwell Middleton

Nickname: Max

Date Of Birth: 4 August 1946

Place Of Birth: Amersham, Buckinghamshire

(27 miles north west of London)

Native Country: England

Instrument: known for his work on the Fender Rhodes electric piano, the Minimoog, and his percussive playing style of the Hohner Clavinet.

Music Business: Keyboardist & Composer.

Max Middleton

The background history of Max Middleton's legendary keyboard work reads like a musician's who's who of the past four decades.


His journey began in 1968 after a chance meeting with Cat Stevens and since that day his unique style of playing has found him in the company of Jeff Beck …. Beck, Bogart & Appice …. Hummingbird …. Beatles producer George Martin on the film soundtrack of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band …. The Bee Gees …. Peter Frampton …. Kate Bush …. John Martyn …. Mick Taylor .... Chris Rea and numerous other international artists.


Max Middleton, a former London dock worker, began playing keyboards with Jeff Beck in April 1971 after being introduced to Beck by bass player Clive Chaman. Max Middleton played in the second incarnation of the Jeff Beck Group, recording the albums «Blow by Blow» in 1974, and «Wired» in 1976 mit dabei.


Middleton worked with Beck throughout the 1970s and became a sought-after session musician playing on many albums, including the soundtrack to the film

«Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band»,

produced by George Martin with The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton, as well as appearing on Nazareth's biggest-selling album «Hair of the Dog» (1975).

In 1979, he played keyboards on Morrissey Mullen's first UK-recorded album «Cape Wrath» , and on an instrumental album with guitarist Robert Ahwai on Harvest Records called «Another Sleeper» . He went on to produce and play on the Dick Morrissey album «Souliloquy» (1986) as well as writing most of the tracks for the album. Middleton is credited as co-writer of «The Loner» with Gary Moore on the 1987 album «Wild Frontier».

Amazingly «Land of Secrets» is the first solo album from Max and one that RL-2 is proud to have been involved in the making of. The album features Martin Ditcham on drums and percussion, Robert Ahwai on guitar, Sylvin Marc on bass, long time Ronnie Scott sideman Dick Pearce on flugelhorn/trumpet and RL-2 stable mates Maiuko and Maquenzie on backing vocals.


Sitting in the «chill out jazz» genre, «Land of Secrets» was co-produced with Paul Lilly and finds Max honing his melodic style whilst immersing himself in the ethnic feels of the Caribbean, Africa, South America and beyond. Blended with a contemporary jazz approach, the album offers an abundance of «ear candy' at each listen. Max Middleton released the smooth jazz album in 2003.

As of 2004, he is a member of Snowy White's band, White Flames, appearing on The White Flames 2005 album, «The Way It Is» and the DVD, «The Way It Is - Live»


In 2006 Max Middleton played some shows in the UK and Europe with The White Flames band. In November 2006 he spent also a week in a studio in Rotterdam puttting down tracks for the White Flames new studio album.


The Autumn of 2007 saw the release of a Live White Flames cd, entitled «Live Flames». Max Middleton is now touring Europe with Snowy White & The White Flames to promote the album.

In January 2008 the next big thing begins. Max is in the recordings with Snowy White and in February, besides, he starts with the recording of his new solo album.


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