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Harry Waters

VIDEO: Harry Waters
(July 01, 2007)
Interview by: IsisTelevision

Born 1977

Harry and his sister India Waters was heard as «children in the garden» on «Radio K.A.O.S.» from 1987.

Harry Waters has joined the band of his father Roger Waters for the 2002 world tour. He replacing keyboardist Andy Wallace. Harry has played keyboards for many years, but this tour is probably his first step into a professional music career.

In 2004!< he toured with Marianne Faithfull. Harry was studying music and has also toured with Ozric Tentacles, a modern day psychedelic band in 2004!

2006/2007 Harry is currently touring with Roger Waters for his «The Dark Side of the Moon Live» tour. His primary instruments are the Hammond B-3 Organ and the Yamaha bass trumpet.

Harry Waters

I started to play the piano around age ten. I learned with a teacher who taught me ragtime, boogie woogie and blues. In my teens I played in many different bands and experimented with different styles of music, including rock, funk, pop and metal. I first worked professionally in covers bands called Boot-Led Zeppelin, and The Cosmic Charlies (a Grateful Dead/Phish covers band) This gave me a good grounding in rock music and kept me going for the better part of three years. Covers can only take you so far however and I started to hunger for something else.

I started listening to jazz in my early twenties and slowly became more and more interested and influenced by the sound. At the time, I was playing in an originals rock band called Hubble Deep Field and my change in musical direction started to cause some problems in the band. I increasingly wanted to stray from the typical rock structures of the songs we tended to play and experiment with the chords often found in jazz but seldom found in rock music. Consequently I found myself at musical odds with the other band members. It was at this time that I was starting to play along to Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson records. It wasn't long until I decided that this was the direction I wanted to head in.

I spent a term studying with a tutor at Guildhall who helped me get my basic jazz chops down a lot quicker. More recently I have been taking lessons with a teacher from The Royal Academy who has shown me some classical techniques (I was never classically trained) to increase my speed and facility. The jazz jam sessions in London are a great place to learn and get your chops together. I started going to all the jams incl: The Beaufoy (Battersea), Shinos (Blackfriars), Blue Jays (Shepherds Bush, sadly no longer there, it's now a disco), Halo (Battersea) and more recently Bar Music Hall (Curtain Rd in east london). This last one is a great jam session with some really special players, including but not limited to: Branden Allen (Tenor) and Quentin Wilson (Trumpet).

My first recording session can be downloaded on the Harry Waters Quartet page. We were in the studio for one day only, including recording and mixing, but I'm very pleased with the results. I hope to consolidate that material whilst continuing to write, and record an album some time in the near future.

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