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Fans Questions

Greetings Snowy We have some questions for you.
How has the tour been so far ?
It's been great. I'm having a really good time..

Will this be the last tour for Roger Waters ?
I don't know about Roger's plans for after this tour.

Do you do any writing while you are on tour (new songs)?
I work on new material in my hotel room sometimes, but I don't do a lot of writing while I'm on tour.

What is the strangest thing you have seen so far while on tour ?
That's a secret!

Do you ever get time to see any sites while on tour ?
Sometimes we have days off and we have the chance to look around. Sometimes we have an organised 'sight-seeing' tour, and sometimes we just look around on our own.

What has been the best city to play so far on this tour?
Most of the cities have been really good places to play, it's difficult for me to pick out the best one as they are all good fun for me.

Will you be regrouping for a White Flames tour after this ?
I already have some shows booked for the White Flames in the Autumn. Details are on the website.

You have taken a bit of a back seat in terms of guitar solos on this tour is it because certain songs call for that Fender sound?
I prefer to let Dave Kilminster play the David Gilmour solos...

How important is it to play live on stage for you?
I love it, and I don't plan to stop..

Can you tells what your future plans are? Will the White Flames be touring and will the White Flames be coming to Canada and the united states?
The White Flames have no plans at the moment to tour America or Canada. I would really like to bring my band over for some shows ...but I'm also happy to just play in Europe at the moment. Maybe later in 2008...

Is there a new Roger Waters album in the plans and will you be playing any tracks on it ?
Roger is still working on the tracks for a new album that we started in 2000, but I don't know how far it has got or if I will be playing on any more of it.

How important is the fan reaction when you are playing? does it make a difference as to how well you play a show?
It's really great when I can see that the audience is really enjoying what we are doing. Of course that helps us enjoy playing for them even more...

How do you keep the level of performance up when the crowd reaction isn’t as good as some other nights?
I always play the best I can, even if there is only one person listening...

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer our questions.
We look forward to see you on tour ;-)
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