Best intro I’ve ever seen!!!

Antwerp BE

Sander de Kraker: This was the first RW concert I’ve ever seen, and the second Floyd-related (first one was David Gilmour in Amsterdam, in 2006).


After a one-hour journey we headed into Antwerp through the subway. There weren’t a lot of people, until we reached the final destination. From then it was just walking along with the endless stream of people. I hadn’t visited the ‘Sportpaleis’ (Sportspalace) before, and it was astonishing to see how big it was.


After approximately 12.000 people had found their seats the show could begin. Best intro I’ve ever seen. In The Flesh was great, bombastic and explosive. I didn’t notice any lipsynching during the whole show, but I didn’t try to find it anyway. Roger’s voice sounded very good, especially compared to Live8. I almost haven’t heard recordings of this tour so it was be a surprise on how the songs would turn out to be.


Mother was just great, although the woman singing was kind of overdoing it. Set The Controls was interesting, not as psychedelic as the earlier live versions. The saxophone gave it a ‘Tangerine Dream’-isch feeling, which was nice. Have a Cigar was probably the worst song of the show. Roger was continuously walking across the stage the whole show, waving and smiling at the audience.


Wish You Were Here had the great intro of the hand on the radio. The song itself wasn’t very emotional, but the acoustic slide solo was a nice difference with the album version.


The solo songs (Perfect Sense, Leaving Beirut) and the Final Cut songs were not very great musically (apart from a very nice guitar solo by someone with a cowboy hat, I couldn’t see his face), but accompanied by the video pretty nice. Roger also played an ‘air violin’ (like you’d play an air guitar). The astronaut came out of no-where, and the atmosphere fitted perfectly when it hovered over the audience. Sheep was great, the pig seemed to be flying around for ages. I even got the impression they were playing some parts twice, but thats probably not the case.


I don’t know when, but at a given time when he would introduce a song (and later on, the band), he started speaking French! Now, Belgium has 3 languages, but we were certainly in the Dutch speaking part of the country. Not that it mattered really, but it was kind of funny.


Sound quality was great, I had earplugs (which only fitted right about halfway through ‘Us and Them’, sadly). The bass was tremendous, our seats were trembling at the heartbeats of DSOTM. The only thing was maybe that the guitar was drowning the other instruments a bit, but no big deal. The quadraphonic sound had great effects (the laughter on Brain Damage was scarily ‘in my head’). The only big mistake I noticed was Jon Carin getting the words wrong on Us and Them. His voice wasn’t that great too.


The audience was very calm, and I assume this is just the Belgian way of enjoying a concert.


The laser effects were fantastic. It’s a weird feeling when an enourmous wall of rainbow colours flies through you, like madness itself. Of the encores, I think Another Brick was the best song. It sounded very agressive, with lots of bass. Comfortably Numb was not that impressive, and totally not up to Floyd standards, or even tribute band standards for that matter.


In a surprisingly short amount of time we were outside, and so was the rest of the hall. The result was a large crowd walking on the street and jamming the traffic. But everyone remained as calm as they were the whole show, so everything went smoothly.


This was really close to a perfect show experience. I’m very glad I went, even though I’m not a Waters fan.

Rogers Waters maakt indruk in sportpaleis, titelt het nieuwsblad.

Antwerp BE

Christophe: Indrukwekkend. Dat is wel het minste wat je van het spektakel van Roger Waters kunt zeggen. Een uitverkocht sportpaleis genoot gisteren van een selectie uit Pink Floyds topjaren. Shine on your crazy diamond, Wish you were here… Allemaal passeerden ze de revue in een show die van A tot Z af was. Heerlijk.


Ja, meneer en mevrouw, ik ben fan van de muziek van Pink Floyd. Ik heb toch een aantal cd’s en de live dvd van de Pulse tour, de wereldtour waarmee ze in 1994 in België belandden. Ook daar was ik bij.


Ik was dan ook uitermate tevreden dat ik in November 2006 aan kaartjes raakte voor de show van 25/04/2007. Roger Waters weliswaar solo (met 10 koppige band), maar hij zou er de betere Pink Floyd nummers ten berde brengen.


Sterke opening van de show, maar die protestsongs tijdens het eerste deel waren er voor mij toch iets over. Een protestsong werd in een laconiek tekenfilmpje geprojecteerd op een supergroot HD scherm. Een HD scherm waarop een schitterend spektakel werd weergegeven. Ook een varken kwam over het publiek gevlogen (met de naam Bush op de achterkant van haar kont). De standaard heeft echter een andere mening over die protestsongs.

Een astronaut mochten we ook nog opmerken.

Na een kwartiertje pauze (deel 1 werd beëindigd door te zeggen : in a quarter we’ll bring the dark side of the moon) kwamen ze met z’n allen terug het podium op. En inderdaad - we mochten een uur lang het beste van Pink Floyd aanhoren. Als toemaatje kregen we Another brick in the wall part I en comfortably numb in ons oren gestampt. Heerlijk. Ik werd zelfs eenmaal tot ‘bijna tranen toe’ bewogen. Wish you were here, een kippenvelmoment (meerdere filmpjes zijn in bad quality te bekijken). Tijd voor een nieuwe gsm dus…


Dit zijn echt van die momenten om in te kaderen.