Roger Waters 2007 Dark Side of the Moon Tour!!!

22th 5.2007
Atlanta GA
Philips Arena

Paul Mashburn: Five of us from the East Tennessee area drove down in two cars for the concert – even fighting our way through an hour backup on I-75 north of Atlanta.


After checking in to the Holiday Inn in Decatur, GA, we promptly found a wonderful little pub call The Brick Store Pub and began the evening’s festivities. It was about a 20 minute MARTA ride from Decatur to the front door of the 21,000-seat arena. Inside we found the nearest BASS ALE tap to our Portal 5 entrance.


Before going in, I stood in line for about 30 minutes to get a 2007 Tour t-shirt, and made $10 for also ordering for a stranger who stepped up beside and asked me to oblige…and, for $10, a third of the cost of my shirt, I ordered for us both!


Inside we found that our seats were directly above the portal entrance, which meant no one could stand up in front of us! The rail also helped in steadying the camera for the included existing light shots!

Wonderful set list, which included all my favorites except “Young Lust,” wonderful stage set, and wonderful lighting and special effects. I am so glad I went!


When the (spoiler alert) background screen comes alive with a hand retuning the radio, picks up a cigarette and lights if off screen, then comes back for the glass of scotch, you know it’s about to become a HAPPENING! The hand tunes the radio a couple of more times then settles on “In the Flesh,” and you see the 6’4” Roger Waters standing on stage, you’re off!


I began the concert still wishing Doyle Bramhall III would be there, but by the end of “Mother” I was ready to party with Dave Kilminster and Snowy White. They did not miss a lick and believe me we have them memorized!