The show itself and the band were amazing

(I wouldn't have expected anything else :) ).


2007 14. Àprilis
HU Budapest Magyarország

By Esther: I think the audience got what it was expecting. Everything (every synthesizer, helicopter, cash register, explosion sound effect..) was exactly like listening to the CD version. Everyone found it natural that during the 2 hour concert there was a 15 minute break.


I stood very close to the stage, about the third row. I loved seeing Roger walk up and down the stage and smile down at us. I met some foreigners as well, a group of Romanians, Serbians who came for the show and there were people of every age group (from 7 to 70).


After the show there was some talk about lipsynching on Hungarian forums, something that I didn't notice at all. Most people with whom I spoke, found the whole night great, but there were of course some people who were outraged by Roger expressing his political views (Leaving Beirut, signs on the pig etc). The most common argument was that they were there to listen to music and not politics.


I, however, don't agree with this, I think that artists are free to express all their views and it has always been part of Roger's work. Also; the show was never disturbingly political.


Best wishes,