The greatest bands in history of music!

2007 12. marzo
Lima PE
Esplanade de El Monumental

Alejandro Torres: My name is Alejandro Torres, I'm 26 years old (09/1980) and I'm from Peru... yes... South America. Pink Floyd was one of the first musical bands that I started to hear when I was a little boy and it turn out to be an important part of my life... heard all the LPs, singles, some bootlegs and more. It was like the lyrics and GilmourĀ“s guitar touched my heart and soul and it's amazing how it keeps doing it nowadays with the same strenght.


I never thought I could ever hear the original songs played live by at least some of the original members of PF. That changed Monday 12th of March 2007 when Roger Waters performed for 2 hours and 30 minutes with several songs of his own like "Leaving Beirut", original songs from Pink Floyd like "The Fletcher Memorial Home" (from The Final Cut), "Shine on you crazy diamond", "Wish you were here" (from Wish you where here), "Sheep" (from Animals) and the whole Dark Side of the Moon album.


The schedule was followed precisely at the times offered, the surrounding sound allowed us to hear dogs barking and babies screaming, the three huge screens (two at each side and one inside the scenary) showed sharp videos and beautiful computer generated animations, the unforgettable pig from the Animals album flying over our heads and of course, the love that Roger received from peruvian fans where some of the ingredients to one of the best performances I've ever seen in Peru.


The concert was divided in two parts. The former was a series of songs of his own and PF songs (not related to Dark Side of the Moon). The latter was exclusively Dark Side of the Moon with some additional songs to allow Roger to create a message... this songs where "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Bring boys back home" asking former president of USA G. Bush to take out the soldiers from the war. The last but not least songs of the concert where, of course, "Comfortably numb" and "Eclipse", where explosions behind both screens at each side of the scenary took place to make company the last drums of this amazing performance.


I can say now that I had the honour to see perform live one of the greatest bands in history of music.

Thanks to Roger Waters.