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greetings EelcolineMany thanks Eelcoline and Love with our very best wishes!Ciao for now...Alegrazie mille Allesandro e costose salutati!Greetz StevenMerci Steven et chères salues!En espérant, que ces photos to fesont plaisir. MichelQuelle surprise! Merci Michel et Bonne Année!Es war geil! Gruss KlausDanke Klaus und viele liebe Grüsse!

von Fans für Fans

2009 26th April UK - Milton Keynes - The Stables
Snowy White Blues Project

2009 26th April UK - Liverpool - Baby Blue
Snowy White Blues Project

2009 25th April UK - Leamington Spa - Leaminton Assembly
Snowy White Blues Project

Hi Renate. I have attached 2 photos of my guitar that Snowy signed at The Assembly Rooms, Leamington. U.K. 25/04/09. As asked for by yourself. Just in case you are interested the other two signatures are Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy along the bottom of the guitar,and Brian May of Queen. Snowy's signature is in silver. Hope these are ok. Best Wishes. Chris.

2009 3th April GR - Athens - Club Architektoniki
Snowy White Blues Project
Fotos Renate Schneider

2009 1st April GR - Larissa- Club Milos 1927
Snowy White Blues Project
Fotos Renate Schneider

2008 27th April
USA - CA - Indio - Empire Polo Field - Coachella Festival

Paul Korda, Snowy White, and Paul's eldest son Felix, meet up at LA's Forum
prior to Snowy's gig playing guitar with Roger Waters at the Coachella Festival.

Snowy White played on many of Paul Korda's early song recordings

2008 12th Juny NL - Weert - Bospop Festival
Barry Mc Cabe & Snowy White
Fotos Renate Schneider

This concert was a godsend a really wonderful piece of luck !

As we know at the view of Snowy’s album recording, there won’t be any live shows until 2009. But Cecil the lady who runs Snowy’s Dutch/English Fanclub found on Barry Mc Cabe's website, Mick Taylor would not be appearing at Bospop and that Snowy White would replace Mick Taylor at Barry’s Gig in Weert in Holland. So we had just a few hours to organize everything. Bert, our team member who lives just 30 Minutes from the festival had invited Cecil and me to stay in his house, and then he traveled 2 times to Sittard to picked up our tickets, before he went to the north of The Netherlands for a stay at his girlfriends house.


In the meantime I checked out my route and on Friday the 11th of July at 10pm I left Switzerland for my trip to Holland. I had a «bon voyage»! Yeah! Maybe the road I took was not the best one or the correct one because it took me 12 hours (instead of 6 hours) to find Bert's house, but I was still on time and Cecil arrived shortly after that.


She had to travel from Rotterdam. I was so glad to see her again since (we first met in 2005) so we had a long talk about many things... Cecil gave me a big surprise which was a copy of the original «Snowy White Photobook from 2006» which has several photo’s from Snowy and all his band members interviews and song lyrics. Oh! what a wonderfull rarity for my collection. I was so happy to receive this!


We were ready to go and so we drove the short distance in my car.

How exciting! ;-) In front of the ticket office, I call up Barry's tour manager and Suzanne was so kind as to meet us there.


I am stepping in a wonderful dream!

Snowy stood up and greeted Cecil warmly. She looked very happy. I received a cordial welcome too and then Barry gave us a warm welcome with a sweet mysterious smile.


Many many regards to both of you.


Now, I could hardly wait to show Snowy the great present I got from Cecil «The Fanclub Photobook». And just before I lost courage I ask Snowy to sign this book. I don't recall as it happened. Because l don't believe it! But he did, and he wrote some special very nice words for me … What a brilliant atmosphere! ! I could hear music everywhere. "If Music is food of Love, play on", I couldn't get enough of it. Oh how lovely! I got some black coffee. (Mm, like American coffee) Maybe this would bring me back to reality. No, maybe it was not strong enough, so I tried another one! No, it wasn’t strong enough either. I'm still dreaming. However, Snowy thank you very much for your autograph!


A little bit later the band started with their sound check. I was walking around while Cecil sat outside and enjoyed the lovely weather.


There was some time left before the concert so I took some photos - Barry still with a sweet mysterious smile.

Than I followed this by shooting over to see Snowy White with Barry Mc Cabe & Band. Than excact on time at 7 pm Snowy White (on guitar) Barry Mc Cabe (on guitar) Rudy (on bass guitar & backing vocals) Jeff (on drums) & Rob (on Hammond organ & piano) stand on the stage and played for an hour.


I'm sure that the song selection omitted some pearls, as it is certainly not easy for the band but - as it was certainly not easy for the band but because of the limited playing time some great track had to fall by the wayside....


For those of you who haven't had a Barry Mc Cabe experience don't hesitate to get out there and see this band! These musicians play some of the finest music you'll ever hear and it was enough to get music fans of all ages dancing around.


I'd never seen Snowy perform with this band before and I was pleasantly surprised by how rich and full the sound was. It was a distinctive sound and, on a warm day, in the tent, standing near Snowy it was fairly irresistible. I was so grateful to be here. There simply aren't enough words to describe how unexpectedly, wonderfully good the band's performance was. I love it so very much...! ...!




  1 – In The Dead Of Night (B. Mc Cabe)

  2 – You Don’t Love Me (cover)

  3 – Lonely Road (B. Mc Cabe)

  4 – Lovin’ man (Snowy)

  5 – Johnny Nobody (B. Mc Cabe)

  6 – Full Moon On Main Street (F. James)

  7 – Loved Another Woman (P. Green)

  8 – Fine, Fine, Fine (cover)

  9 – Some Kind Of Wonderful (cover)


10 - It Takes Time (O. Rush)


I am still in this wonderful dream,

The Sound carried away my thoughts for miles. The concet was over and on the stage it was altered keenly.


The time has come for us to say goodbye to Snowy, Barry, and the rest of the band.

There they are! cool as though nothing had happened. Just incredibly! Snowy had a nice way to say good-bye. Quite suddenly Juan van Emmerlooot arrive out of the blue, I'm sorry to say there was no more time to talk with him as Cecil had her transfair for Rotterdam.


I'll never forget how overhappy we was as we walked out. It does not matter that I could not find my car again. But Johann (a security) tried his luck and with Cecil's detailed explanation it was almost a miracle, he really found it.


So Cecil was at her way home now and I went back to the festival to hear Carlos Santana. Very spirited... just sensational!


I'd love to stay until tomorrow and hear and see more for awhile,

But it's time to hit the road .....

[ RS | BB | BmcC | CL ]

2008 18th May UK - London - O2 Arena
Fotos Sue Marchant

show was stunning as always with the O2 being the perfect venue the whole band clearly enjoying themselves and the audience. Perfect!

Love Sue

CH - Luzern - Luzern Saal
Fotos Renate Schneider & ???

DE - Merchernich - Burg Satzvey
Fotos Renate Schneider & ????

CH Uster Rock City
Fotos Renate Schneider

Snowy ist ein unglaublich natürlicher Typ, ich hätte nie erwartet das er ein Stück von meinem Kuchen isst...
ein Abend den ich niemals mehr vergessen werde !!!
än liäbä Gruäss
Klaus :-)

The photos are great and I love Max's Hat! The cake looks good too.
Love to you all

BE Verviers Spirit of 66
Fotos Tixie Doo French

It was a very good concert. The band played great considered that they hadn't played in nearly a year!

(Snowy said that he had been busy earning a living).

Me and my wife Tixie were just in front in Snowy so we hadn't missed a thing.

They show started with "new day...maybe" from restless, they played the cd, and then the band arrived and started playing on it.

It was a good intro.

They were a few surprises in the setlist: "Out of order" (from the blues agency, "Highway to the sun", "No faith required").

One funny moment was when on the intro of "Land of plenty", Snowy did the first notes of "Shine on you crazy diamonds", and as the audience cheered it, he then played the whole intro with Max playing the chords behind!

The audience seems to have apprecied the show because they were two encores.

And for the second one, Snowy came back alone and did a Peter Green song :
"The world keep on turning".
Greetings Mick


Fotos Klaus Flieger Deutschland
(Fortsetzung folgt ...)

Es war geil!
Obwohl es "Birds of paradise" nicht gespielt hat....
Es waren nur geschätzt 100 Leute da, ich stand direkt vor der Bühne....
Gruss Klaus

Marco: We were with Snowy at the Lima Airport. Snowy and the other guys were a bit surprised because the hell in those remote lands therès people who knows their names????

Sherlee AU and Wendy NZ went Backstage to the Brisbane concert

2007 February 5th Brisbane AUSTRALIA
Entertainment Centre

Fotos von Thomas Schmitz

16.7.2006 Schweiz
Moon & Stars Locarno

31-3-2006 IT Conegliano Veneto Treviso - Sonny Boy Club
Fotos: Alessandro Voltolina Italia

I like so much Mr.Snowy, one of my favourite guitar players: great feeling, beautiful sound and a very special person (I met him 2 years ago here in Italy). It was the show at "Sonny Boy" in Conegliano, near Treviso. Snowy himself at the end gave me a copy of dvd "the way it is live" and spent with me few minutes for a couple of autographs and photos: so friendly person!

Greetings from a very foggy Venice

Snowy en Suisse
Fotos Michel Bornibus France

26.8.2005 Belgien Varenwinkelfestival Herselt Steven

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