Studio: Tdk UK Ltd
Format: Instrumental Tutor ASIN: B0001EJ7EK
12. April 2004 DVD & CD-ROM

Jam Academy

Snowy White - Kuma Harada - Dawn Agrella

Darren Abraham - Martin Riley - Mat Walklate

2004 - No Excuses
Band Jam Guide

The JamAcademy Band are:
Snowy White - guitar
Kuma Harada - bass
Darren Abraham - drums
Martin Riley - keyboard
Mat Walklate - harmonica
Dawn Agrella - vocals

For use on its own or as a companion to the No Excuses series of tuition CD-ROMs. Play along with a real band in various styles - suitable for guitar, bass, keyboard and harmonica players, or singers.

Jam with a professional band, and choose which members you want to leave the stage. Features eight complete songs, from varying genres, including: rock, blues, country , reggae and Latin.