Label: Towerbell
TOWLP 1 LP Also Available on Casette ZC TOW 3 1983

Snowy White
Kuma Harada - Godfrey Wang - Richard Bailey
1983 - White Flames

LP Samples


Bird Of Paradise

Snowy White - guitar and vocals
Kuma Harada - bass guitar
Richard Bailey - drums, percussion
Jess Bailey - keyboards on all tracks exept Bird of paradise
Godfrey Wang - string synth on Bird Of Paradise

All tracks written by Snowy White with interpretation by Kuma Harada, Richard Bailey and Godfried Wang
Produced by Tom Newman except Bir Of Paradise and Lucky Star which were roduced by Kuma Harada.

All tracks recorded on the Sound Box Mobile and engineered by Tom Newman except BirdOf Paradise and Lucky Star which were orginally recorded at Good Earth Studios BirdOf Paradise and Lucky Star restructured and remixed at Startling Studios and engineered by Martin Adam.