Label: Dojo
CD DOJO CD 88 - 28 Feb 1995
1975 UAG 29732 [United Artists]

Michael Moorcock & Deep Fix
1995 - New World's Fair

CD Samples

Graham Charnock - Bass
Steve Gilmore - Guitar

Terry Ollis - Drums
(Ollis was the first drummer for Hawkwind, and is reported to have been the first drummer for the Deep Fix, though he isn't credited.)
Simon King - Drums
(Again, Simon was a drummer from Hawkwind. He plays on the Starcruiser/Dodgem Dude single and the New Worlds Fair album.)
Alan Powell - Drums
(Another drummer enlisted from Hawkwind, plays on New Worlds Fair)
Nik Turner - Sax
of Hawkwind, later Inner City Unit, currently Anubian Lights. Nik Plays on the Starcruiser/Dodgem Dude single, and plays moral support on the album.

Shirlie Roden - Backing vocals
Debi Doss - Backing vocals
Snowy White - Guitar
Kuma Harada - Bass
Pete Pavli - Cello
Dave Brock -
guest for lead guitar on a track each
Herbert North -
guest for lead guitar on a track each
Simon House - Violin, piano, mellotron