Label: Repertoire

REP4651-WY CD 1997
1984 [Legend] LMA2

Snowy White
1997 - That Certain Thing

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Snowy White - guitars, vocals
Kuma Harada - bass
Godfrey Wang - keyboards
Max Middleton - keyboards
Steve Gregory - flute & sax
Richard Bailey - drums & percussion
Tessa Niles, Sonia Morgan & Linda Taylor backing vocals

1997 reissue of 1987 solo album with two previouslyunreleased bonus tracks, «For You» and «Mai Tai». 10 trackstotal.
Snowy White did considerable work with Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy. The album was co-produced by him with Kuma Harada, & also features Geoffrey Wang on keyboards and Richard Bailey on drums. A Repertoire release.