Label: Rpm (edel)
Recorded at: Jacobs Studio
Recorded at: Black Barn Studio and
Recorded at: Barefoot Studio
Produced by: Snowy White
CSA 107 1CD 1.1.1996

Snowy White & The White Flames
1996 - No Faith Required

CD Samples

Snowy White
guitars, vocals, bass, synth.
Walter Latpeirissa
bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Juan van Emmerloot
drums, percussion

Guest Musicians
Kuma Harada
bass guitar
Jon Rabbit Bundwick
hammond organ, piano, strings
Thomas White
percussion, bongos
Alex Street, Ken Thomas, Mike Smith, Robin Black, Tim Petitt & Kuma Harada
at Real Life Studios by Paul Lilly
at S.R.T. Studios by Nick Watson.