Snowy White's Blues Agency

Snowy White went for a jam at

«The White Lion» in Putney, London.

There he met Jeff Allen and Graham Bell.


Snowy said:

"I’d had enough of being a singles artiste, and decided to just play some blues guitar for a while, so I asked Jeff and Graham to join up with myself and Kuma Harada, and I formed «The Blues Agency».”


So, Snowy White formed the touring blues band in 1986 with his old friend Kuma Harada, drummer Jeff Allen, and vocalist/guitarist Graham Bell.

Snowy White's Blues Agency 1988

For three years the band toured in the UK and Europe and recorded.


They released two albums
1988 «Change My Life »

1989 «Open for Business»
[rereleased under the title «Blues On Me» in certain Countries].

Snowy really enjoyed getting back to his roots and playing twelve bar shuffles again.


Snowy White
Terence Charles White
geb. am 3. Mörz 1948
in Barnstaple, Devon
  Lead Guitar

Kuma Harada
Kuma Harada
geb. am 10 Juni 1951
in Sapporo, Japan
Rhythm Guitar

Graham Bell
Graham Thomas Bell geb. am 17 April 1948
Blyth, Northumberland,
died 2 May 2008 in London

Jeff Allen
Jeffrey Allen geb. am 23 April 1946, in Matlock, Derbyshire

Snowy said:

"It was nice just to play guitar again for a while and play all my old favorites, but after a couple of years I felt that I needed to stretch out musically again".


So, Snowy White's Blues Agency split in 1990 and all the members, except Graham Bell, went to play with Mick Taylor's All Star Blues Band.