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Label: Seagull
111101307 1 CD 9.5.2000

Peter Green
2000 - Peter Green Songbook

CD Samples

Jim Leverton Bass, Vocals (Background)
Troy Turner Vocals
Mark Doyle Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards
Billy Sheehan Bass, Vocals, Producer
Max Middleton Piano
Doug Vanbooven Percussion
Steve McCray Drums
Larry Mitchell Guitar
Uptown Horns Brass
Ulf Ivarsson Bass
Jeff Allen Drums
Harvey Mandel Guitar
Jay Aston Vocals
Mike Doyle Bass
Larry McCray Guitar, Vocals
Rory Gallagher Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Jess Roden Vocals, Vocals (Background)
John McKenzie Fretless Bass, Producer
Jim McCarty Drums, Vocals
Roy Z Guitar
Kim Simmonds Guitar, Vocals
Ariel Bender Guitar (Rhythm)
Kim Lembo Vocals
Little Joe Frenchwood Drums
Stuart Hamm Bass
Crispin Cioe Sax (Baritone)
Cathy Lamanna Drums
Arno Hecht Sax (Tenor)
Harvey Brooks Bass
Vince Converse Guitar, Vocals
Rod Price Guitar
Pete McMahon Harmonica, Vocals, Performer
Graham Walker Drums
Gregg Bissonette Drums
Jon Paris Guitar (Rhythm), Harmonica, Vocals
Innes Sibun Guitar
Noel Neal Bass
Arthur Brown Vocals
Ian Anderson Flute, Vocals
Bob Funk Trombone
Scott Smith Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Tom Mandel Organ (Hammond)
Mick Abrahams Guitar, Vocals
Jennifer Ferguson Vocals
Lonesome Dave Peverett Vocals
Laurence Etkin Trumpet
Bobby Chouinard Drums
Andy Giddings Programming, Keyboards
Damon Duewhite Drums
John Cook Keyboards, Piano
Paul Jones Harmonica
Snowy White Guitar, Vocals
Ken Hensley Guitar, Producer, Vocals, Piano
Dave Moore Organ, Piano
Arnie Goodman Executive Producer
Bob Jenkins Drums
Clas Yngstrom Guitar, Producer
Frank Marstokk Percussion
Steve Robinson Vocals
Zoot Money Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Green Main Performer
Mike Kellie Drums
Jim Heyl Bass
Dick Heckstall-Smith Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Ray Gomez Guitar
Wilbur Bascomb, Jr. Bass
Bob Tench Guitar, Vocals
Luther Grosvenor Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Pete Brown Horn Arrangements, Vocals (Background), Percussion, Producer
Southside Johnny Harmonica, Vocals
Kuma Harada Bass
Tony Z Keyboards
Jonathan Mover Drums
John Baggot Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
Top Topham Guitar
Jim Kozlowski Project Coordinator

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