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The Snowy White Blues Project


Snowy White has formed a new band called The Snowy White Blues Project.



This will feature:

Snowy White: (on guitar)

Matt Taylor: (on guitar & vocals)

Ruud Weber: (on bass & vocals)

Juan van Emmerloot: (on drums)



In October 2008 Snowy White first announced plans to record an album. The album entitled «In Our Time of Living» includes all new material recorded in October 2008 and recorded specifically for this project and comes out in 20th April 2009




They also outlined their plans for 2009 and they are available for bookings.




Booking contact for Germany, Switzerland & Poland:



Booking contact for France:

Tour available in 2010 for France on 17, 19 and 20.3.2010

Other dates available on request.




Booking contact for Benelux:



Booking contact for Italy & Spain:



Booking contact for all other territories:



So The Snowy White Blues Project will play several EU dates in 2009.



The Snowy White Blues Project
in the studio in November 2008
recording their debut album
«In Our Time of Living»,
released 20th April 2009.


A video weblog of Snowy White's new band the Snowy White Blues Project on their first excursion in Athens, Greece, April 2009, featuring the track "One Way Ticket", written by Snowy and sung by bassist Ruud Weber Jr. - from their album "In Our Time Of Living" released April 20th 2009.

The Snowy White Blues Project
live in Larissa, Club Milos, Greece
first performance in 1st April 2009
«Red Wine Blues»

Snowy White Live in Athens 03/04/2009
«I Loved Another Woman»


Snowy White UK
( 3. Mörz 1948)

Matt Taylor UK


Ruud Weber NL
(1st of December, 1966)


Juan van Emmerloot NL
(12. November 1965)


I have asked Snowy a questions about his new line-up for the tour 2009.
I think your work with White Flames is the most important thing for you for years. That's why I wonder why have you formed a new band for the tour 2009? Happened it just so, because your musicians have other dates? Or are you looking for a new challenge? It's not possible to imagine one without the other but I can very well imagine you enjoying that. ?
I have put the line-up of my new blues band project on my website. I want to do some gigs where I can just play guitar and let the other guys sing. And people keep asking me to play more blues. Also I want to take time with recording the next White Flames Band album, so that is why.

Also Matt Taylor was so kind and send in his answer of my questions.

Matt, what I really like to know is, how it happens? Is this the first time you play with Snowy? And where you meet Snowy White?
I was introduced to Snowy by Juan & Walter who I toured with in 2000 & 2001. I've met Snowy a few times in Britain, most recently at a Roger Waters show in London in May and it was very nice to get a phone call out of the blue from him asking me to be involved in this project. We got together for the third time yesterday to go through new material and I am looking forward to going into the studio in a couple of weeks, I'm sure we're going to make a great album. It will be great to see Juan again and I am looking forward to working with Ruud, he has contributed some great songs.

I got a chance to catch up with Ruud on email, and so chatted with the youngest, overjoyed guy in the band.

Ruud, overhappy you told me already after the sensational Barry Mc Cape show in Genève, last August, that you were invited by Snowy for recordings in the studio. How is the work with this new band? What do you think about it? and maybe you can tell me a short storry of all ...?

I'm very exited to play with Snowy and Juan and Matt.

I've done 2 shows with Snowy as a special guest off the Barry McCabe band. I love Snowy's playing and we had a lot of fun. On the second show he invited Juan to come and have a look. And shortly after that Snowy asked me if I wanted to play bass and sing on his next recording. I was totally surprised and thrilled offcourse to play with someone I used to watch play in one of my favourite bands Thin Lizzy.

Next week we are going to Engeland to record the CD and I'm looking forward to playing with these great musicians. I only know Matt from You Tube/internet and I love his music. He writes great songs. Juan is an amazing drummer and I'm looking forward to play with him. We have a lot of good songs for the CD and it should work out nice.

I can't wait!!! Also to play live with these guys......cause I love playing live!
I hope to see all you guys on the road somewhere!


Even the drummer Juan van Emmerloot faces up to our questions.

Juan, What do you think about the line-up?
I think it's a great line up..... I've seen and heard Rudy play live; he's got a great positive vibe around him that makes me smile. I really enjoyed his performance...he's got a great sound too! Besides that he also is a great singer and writes good stuff too, as I heard on the CDs that I got from him....I do understand why Snowy chose him to play in this band.

Matt Taylor...well...what can I say?! I've done a tour with him before and that was a great experience... He's a great guitarplayer, singer and writes good stuff too. I love his voice (very characteristic) and his way of bringing blues to a next level...he's original in his very own way. It will be great to hear a Strat and a Les Paul in one has been proven that this combination of guitar sounds will surely work out well... And imagine hearing Matt's and Snowy's guitar sounds being merged together in this band!!!

And then the! What can I say??! (ha,ha,ha,ha,.....)

You're playing under Snowy White & the White Flames and also as part of the new band. Could you tell us the different emphasis of these things?
For me there is a big difference between The White Flames Band and Snowy White "2009" (blues band); as a drummer I will have a different role in this band....I'll have to make sure that everything will be solid and it has to groove. My drum setup will be much smaller too. I don't need many toms and special efx cymbals or percussion, as in this type of music I need to be just the engine that keeps things going. More like Rock 'n Roll blues....I am very happy to create that sound and be solid in this band.

In the White Flames Band I play much more alternative and percussive stuff, with a lot of improvisation. Further I think that with this new band, we have better and easier songs, great leadvocals and backing vocals and last but not least, we will hear Snowy in his own natural way playing the type of music that he loves so much: the blues...... I heard him playing live at a festival in Holland with Rudy....that really woke me up! Snowy is such a fantastic guitarplayer when he's on the right place with the right people and the right music....I've never heard him play that good ever before!! Mind you, I play 17 years altogether with this you can imagine how it surprized me...

To me "the White Flames" are unique with our line up: Max, Walter. me and Snowy, we're all fantastic musicians with technical high levels and great improvisation skills. With that band Snowy writes tracks to make statements and we try to be one of a kind at all times. Look at the Rockpalast show we did a year ago...fantastic wasn't it? Great we captured that on video! So it is a totally different thing...........

To Snowy and all members of the band all the best for the future. ...
thanks so much for doing the interview with us.

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