SNOWY WHITE *** I'm already putting down ideas for the next album, so there will always be more Whiteflames music coming out...

Label: Snowy White Distribution (Soulfood)
Cat No: SWWF 2011
Medium: 1CD 25.02.11
Running Time: 53:19
Recorded: Curtis Schwarz Studios, Ardingly, UK

Snowy White and The White Flames
2011 - Realistic

CD Samples

Snowy White - guitar & vocals
Max Middleton - keyboards
Walter Latupeirissa - bass & chorus vocals
Juan van Emmerloot - drums & percussion

Guest musicans:
Thomas White
- timbales, congas, bongos, percussion on 'Towards Higher Ground'
- cowebell & congas on
'The Edge Of Something'
- congas on 'Ongoing'

Catherine White
- flute on 'Finding My Way Home'